Advanced Clinical Physics

A.C.P.  provides Support, service, and training in radiation oncology.


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       Advanced Clinical Physics (ACP) provides physics support for radiation therapy, diagnostic and interventional imaging, and radiation safety in many clinics and facilities.  We take pride in offering the highest level of expertise, flexibility, and commitment to our clients.  ACP continually adapts to the dynamic nature of the industry and more importantly, to the needs of your facility.  Our services will grow with your facility, and at the same time, your facility will grow with us.

     From the beginning, ACP has provided unparalleled expertise in radiation therapy physics consulting and diagnostic and interventional imaging consulting.  Our physicists and technologists have extensive experience in assisting clients achieve and maintain successful accreditation through implementation of quality control programs.  We also provide nuclear medicine and radiation safety program auditing, facility startup, health physics and licensing services.  Our physicists and technologists can serve as the radiation safety officer on your facility’s radioactive materials license.

     Our physicists and technologists have extensive experience in helping clients meet all applicable state and federal regulations and in implementing radiation safety and diagnostic imaging quality control programs.  In fact, our staff regularly provides radiation safety and compliance training.

     ACP is staffed with experienced, qualified, and certified Medical Physicist, Health Physicists, Medical Dosimetrists, Nuclear Medicine Technologist, and X-ray Technologists that maintain familiarity with the regulations in your area.  We provide long-term services to both hospital-based and freestanding facilities. ACP looks forward to the opportunity to providing services to your facility.

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